Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Did you ever wonder how Bubble Gum was invented? Well, this delightful story tells you how!

Why did I order this book for the LaSalle II Library? I had ordered invention books for the library and I am always looking for books about inventions. I perused through other CPS librarian blogs and I saw this book on the blog! This book tells a great story about the man who invented bubble gum. It is a nonfiction book but it is told like a story which makes for a very good read aloud.

I also liked how the back of the book provides more facts about the man who invented bubble gum. It shows students that anyone can invent something. The book also provides interesting facts about bubble gum like how much bubble gum is sold daily.

The front of the book is so delightful and I hope it is sure to grab a student's attention! I now know who invented bubble gum! Do you?