Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Gum Girl!

May 31st, 2016

     The Gumazing Gum Girl by Rhode Montijo

I just started reading this book as a read aloud to my kindergartners, first graders. and third graders. I saw this book on another librarian's blog and thought I should add this book to the LaSalle II library collection. I thought it would pair up nicely with my invention book, called POP that I previously discussed in my blog. I thought they might pair up nicely as a nonfiction/fiction book. Many students loved the book, Pop , so much so that I cannot keep it on the shelf! So I decided to stick with the gum theme as students can relate to gum chewing. I thought I would teach about graphic novels/comic books and this book was a basic introduction to the design of graphic novels. I was nervous reading this out loud to my students because I never usually read a graphic novel out loud but this book was part story and part comic. Also, I never read chapter books (this one has eight chapters) because I do not have my students every day and it would take a long time to finish reading the whole book! However, I was pleasantly surprised as I read Chapter one to my students and when I  said I was going to leave Chapter two for next week, they were all like NOOOOOOOOO! I even had one student try to sneak a peak to see what would happen next in the book! I am so glad I purchased it!