Sunday, November 6, 2016

Learning Keynote


 Tuesday November 1st, 2016

     On Tuesday, I had an invitation for educators to go to the Apple Store in Oakbrook to learn about keynote for iPads. I just received an email that Apple is providing free education lessons for educators on certain days and times as well as various Apple locations. I am not sure how long they have been having educator workshops but I am glad to know about them now. There is no cost to join. LaSalle II Library has a set of classroom iPads and I am in charge of managing them. I admit that I knew about keynote but never really gave it second thought because I am use powerpoint and now google slides. However, I thought just go because you will never know. Keynote is very interesting. It is similar to powerpoint but built for iPads. I am still playing around with it. I like how you can use the pictures from your camera roll and easily insert those pictures into your slide. I also love how you can make pictures transparent. You can manipulate your objects on the slide. You can also use your finger to circle important things on the slide that you want your viewer to focus on. The presenter said that there is so much more to keynote than what he taught us. I would like to play around with it more and see if this is something students would like to use as a presentation option.