Tuesday, March 29, 2016



I just ordered these CALLING ALL INNOVATOR books for the LaSalle II library. I used to have a set of career books but no longer use them because they are very outdated. These are so exciting because there is a big push for students to consider careers in STEM. I ordered 18 of these books in various careers of course. I am having students partner up with a partner since I do not have enough books. Some of the students can also utilize the kids info bits database offered through CPS and research careers and jobs. Students will use the books to research salary, education, license/certification and projected numbers of careers in that field. 
          The books give a lot of information so they would be great to use for middle school students. Every book is designed the same way. There is an interview with a top person in that field who gives advice to young people who are considering a career in the field. There are wonderful pictures and labels depicting how far we have come. 
      The books also have a glossary, timeline, and suggested resources for learning more about this field. Not only does it talk about the careers in general and famous people who have risen to prominence in their fields but how STEM skills were use to solve the problems in the past and how they are being used to solve today's problems!
     I am starting to use these books tomorrow with seventh and eighth graders and will keep you posted. I am most curious to see what kind of careers they pick!

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