Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Malala Yousafzai

February 23, 2016

The 7th graders at LaSalle II were reading the novel about Malala, called I am Malala and many students loved reading the book. Their teacher was teaching them how to annotate it while they were reading it. I did not have any books about Malala in the library and thought it was important to students to learn about her. I wanted a book that was more concise and students would better understand who she is. This book is from Scholastic and is called Rookie Biographies. Many students do biography book reports and this book would be a great addition to the biography section in the library!
     It is a great nonfiction book because there are captions underneath the pictures, table of contents, Fast Facts, bold face words, a timeline, a glossary and index! There is also a map so students have an idea where the events in her life are taking place. These are all perfect for a parts of a nonfiction book lesson.
     In addition the pictures in the book seem to be photos of Malala and the events in her life which can lead to a discussion with students about what they think is taking place. Finally, there is a poem about Malala as well as a little blurb telling students how they can make a difference too.

* Did you know? She was named after a young hero called Malalai.
* Did you  know? Malala also wrote a blog!

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