Monday, February 15, 2016

Books on Various Dogs a hit with Second Graders!

I ordered seven books on different kinds of dogs. It is a request from my primary students that I get a lot! I only have books like how to take care of my dog. I have books on cats and every other animal except dogs. 

I wanted to use them but did not know how. I wish I had ordered more so that I would have enough for students to research the books on their own.  Since I only had a few, I started the labrador retrievers book. I read the book to them and they filled out information they learned about the labrador retrievers like size, color, and how to take care of them. 

They loved the book! My only wish is that the book was bigger so they could all see the pictures and captions. The students were just ooohhhhing and ahhhhhing at the cute pictures of the labrador retrievers. 

I visualize my end project in the form of mini books. They are going to keep all their information about the different dogs we read each week and then they will make their own pocket mini dog book using the information they learned


  1. My kids love dog books also. We had the group Sit Stay Read here for a literacy night and they were amazing. You should look into it for your school.

  2. Oh wow! Thanks. I did not know about Sit Stay Read here. I will definitely look into it!